Us Plea Bargain Issues

Is plea bargaining just a motivation for the accused to plead guilty?

I cannot answer that question and am most certainly not in a position to; I can only speculate but by one case of your young lady who rejected a plea bargain and unsuccessfully defended her case, it seems that those who lose their cases after rejecting a plea bargain that had been offered are penalised.

The dude in question is Jennifer Mee from Florida. As a nineteen year-old she arranged to start a date with a child with the goal of robbing him; her two male friends accomplished the robbery which ended fatally.

Under Florida law, all participants within a fatal robbery are as equally doing the murder since the person who did the exact killing even when they would not have everything to do using the murder themselves.

The one question I would like to be aware of answer to is, “Why did Jennifer’s lawyer not advise her to accept the plea bargain since Jennifer was clearly doing murder as outlined by Florida law?’

Whether one will abide by this law, be the law in Florida, as if it or not.

If that you are playing sport, it isn’t the time to become disputing the guidelines of the game much better being played.

Jennifer’s lawyer should have known she was clearly guilty depending on the evidence.

She was offered a sentence of 15 years as a plea bargain for pleading guilty instead pleaded simple.

Jennifer would have been a twenty yr old uneducated lady with little life experience so it will be easy to understand why she would have got the advice of your professional.

She was found liable for first degree murder and sentenced one’s imprisonment devoid of the possibility of parole.

What an impact in sentences, 20 years for pleading guilty or life without parole for pleading simple. Is the latter sentence a lack of success for defending herself?

I am no law expert but this does appear to be unethical or even illegal.

The harsh sentence seems to become for defending herself in lieu of for participating within a fatal robbery.

Here are a handful of facts that need being considered:

1 Jennifer had no previous conviction

2 Jennifer had no previous record of violence

3 Jennifer had no purpose of killing the victim.

4 Jennifer will not be responsible for what other people does using a firearm.

I just cannot fathom why any lawyer do not possess advised Jennifer to look at plea bargain since in accordance with the facts on the case she was facing an indefensible charge.

One just wonders whether plea bargains are very ethical must be person is either guilty or otherwise guilty so a plea bargain might actually be taken by somebody who is harmless.

Plea bargains provide a bonus for the accused to plead guilty using the promise of the reduced sentence. Those who decline the plea bargain are penalised for defending the fees.

I asked Jennifer herself why she never took the plea bargain that has been offered to her.

She said, “Her lawyer said they were about to take it to trial.”

No reason was presented for this decision but in accordance with Jennifer she was of thebelief that life meant two-and-a-half decades and in comparison to what she was offered inside plea bargain she should fight it.

It does work that Jennifer wouldn’t kill anyone but, in accordance with Florida law she was as equally liable for murder since the one who pulled the trigger though she or another guys associated with this crime do not ever intended to get rid of the victim.

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  2. I agree with some of the points within the blog post above. In today’s real-world this doesn’t necessarily apply. I’ve got a friend that is somewhat of an expert in the topic.

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